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Strategic Objectives

The strategic objective of the Enterprise Zone Commission mandates that this entity works toward improving the following:

  1. Community aesthetics
    Enhance the general appearance of the Enterprise Zones.
  2. Public safety & crime prevention
    Create an environment safe for businesses and residents to work and play.
  3. Education, job training & entrepreneurship
    Expand and improve access to education and training opportunities for residents of the Enterprise Zone.
  4. Funding
    Assist businesses and residents with capital to rehabilitate the Zones.
  5. Infrastructure, housing & neighborhood development
    Improve public infrastructure to support business development and to create an active, vital community.  Enhance housing opportunities in the Enterprise Zone.
  6. Business development
    Develop, recruit, retain and /or expand businesses that create livable wage jobs in the Enterprise Zone.
  7. Plan Implementation
    Work with community stakeholders to create and implement town plans.