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Grow & Expand

Grow & Expand Your Business in the USVI

Explore growth opportunities in the US Virgin Islands (USVI). With its scenic beauty and business-friendly climate, USVI attracts entrepreneurs. The Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority offers tailored incentives for your expansion in paradise.

South Shore trade zone​

The Virgin Islands economic zone - located in St. Croix. Learn more about our economic zone here and how it is your businesses' getaway to the world.

St. Croix

Start a business

Embarking on a business venture in the US Virgin Islands demands meticulous planning. Assessing feasibility ensures market viability. Incorporation involves registration with local authorities. Choosing an ideal location and securing a lease are pivotal steps in this endeavor. Learn more here.


Learn more about our export opportunities, expansion programs and eligibility here.


Learn more about the financing options your business could be eligible for within our territory

Tax Incentives

Learn more about our tax incentives and programs that can help with your businesses growth & expansion within our territory.

How the Economic Development Authority
Can Help You

Unlock new horizons within the US Virgin Islands with the business potential our territory offers with the help of the USVI Economic Development Authority.
With tailored tax programs, incentives, financing options and more.

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