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Professional Services

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Professional Services

Key Indicators

Average Salary is cheaper than competitors in the US, like New York, Florida, and Georgia.

74M USD in exports for Professional Services

Professional Services


The United States Virgin Islands has positioned itself as a hub for professional services, offering a spectrum of expertise in back-office operations, customer service, and financial services. With a strategic geographic location and a skilled workforce, the USVI has become an attractive destination for businesses seeking to outsource various professional functions. The islands provide a conducive environment for establishing back-office operations, due to its Tier-1 fiber optic networks. Additionally, the USVI's commitment to excellence extends to customer service, with companies benefiting from a multilingual and culturally diverse talent pool. The financial services sector thrives in USVI, attracting institutions engaged in banking, investment management, and other financial activities. The islands' blend of professional capabilities and a tropical setting positions the USVI as a unique and competitive choice for companies seeking efficient, reliable, high-quality professional services.

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Areas to Contribute to Growth

Financial services​

Customer service centers
back office

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Professional Services


The Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning (CELL) was established to meet the workforce and professional development training needs critical to the economic prosperity of the Virgin Islands and surrounding Caribbean islands. CELL provides quality training opportunities designed to contribute to organizational and individual achievement.  Through collaborative partnerships, the UVICELL Center catalyzes by providing training and ongoing educational opportunities using responsive approaches to reach learners in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the surrounding Caribbean.


Brand Champ

Brand Champ

Founded in 2016, BrandChamp is an all-in-one advocate & ambassador marketing software dedicated to helping brands build thriving ambassador communities to increase sales, brand awareness, and engagement on social media. The software serves various brands across different sectors and could be integrated with leading e-commerce platforms, such as Facebook and Shopify.

Ocwen Financial Corporation

Ocwen Financial Corporation

Ocwen is a leading non-bank mortgage servicer and originator providing solutions through its primary brands, PHH Mortgage and Liberty Reverse Mortgage. Ocwen and its subsidiaries provide consumer home loans and insurance, reverse mortgage loans, and mortgage solutions. They are committed to helping homeowners and delivering exceptional service and value to customers, clients, and investors.

How the Economic Development Authority
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Unlock new horizons within the US Virgin Islands with the business potential our territory offers with the help of the USVI Economic Development Authority.
With tailored tax programs, incentives, financing options and more.

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