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Wayne Biggs

Chief Executive Officer

Dwayne A. Benjamin

Assistant Chief Executive Officer

Tracy Lynch Bhola, Esq.

General Counsel, EDA

Kelly V. Thompson Webbe

Chief Financial Officer

Margarita A. Benjamin

Managing Director, Economic Development, EDC

Nadine Marchena Kean

Managing Director, EZC

Monique T. Samuel

Managing Director, EDB

Sharmane Brookes

Director, State Small Business Credit Initiative

Mark Finch

Director, Physical Plant, EDPC

Celina D. Morris

Director, Marketing

Kali Richardson

Director, Human Resources

Yolanda Bryan

Business Ambassador, EDA

Cusa Holloway

Incubator Program Manager

Kyle C. Thomas

Program Manager, Marketing & 2040 Vision

Kevin Rodriquez


Gary Molloy

Vice Chairman

Jose A. Penn


Anise I. Hodge

Board Member

Philip Payne

Board Member

Positive T. A. Nelson

Board Member

How the Economic Development Authority
Can Help You

Unlock new horizons within the US Virgin Islands with the business potential our territory offers with the help of the USVI Economic Development Authority.
With tailored tax programs, incentives, financing options and more.