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Old John Deere Tractor baling hay

Key Indicators

In 2018, the U.S. Virgin Islands had 565 farms, up 158% from 219 in 2007. These farms accounted for 9,324 acres of farmland. This was an increase of 3,443 acres (59%) from the 2007 level.

11.5% of USVI is agricultural land, which is higher than competitors like the Bahamas and Cayman Islands.

The Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) conducts basic and applied research to meet the needs of the local agricultural community in increasing production, improving efficiency, developing new enterprises, preserving and propagating germplasm unique to the Virgin Islands, and protecting the natural resource base. AES scientists are actively involved in 32 projects in agronomy, animal science, aquaculture, biotechnology, agroforestry, & horticulture.

A leader among regional competitors for labor and utility costs due to low average salaries in the sector 



The United States Virgin Islands boast a thriving agribusiness industry, with approximately 565 farms contributing to the islands' agricultural landscape. The fertile soil and tropical climate facilitate cultivating a diverse range of crops, including bananas and mangoes, which are staples of the local agricultural output. Notably, the USVI is making strides in innovative farming practices, with a growing focus on aquaponics and aquaculture, harnessing the synergy between fish cultivation and plant growth. Likewise, the emergence of hemp farming underscores the islands' commitment to sustainable agriculture and the exploration of new economic opportunities in this burgeoning sector. ​

Areas to Contribute to Growth

Top commodities by number of farms







Key Subsectors

  • Home to world-renowned rum brands, such as Captain Morgan and Cruzan Rum
  • Rum Excise Tax Cover-Over: any excise tax collected on rum imported into the United States is transferred back to USVI



Provides the human slaughter of animals across the USVI to increase the availability of locally grown meats

Agricultural Development

Organizes physical and technical assistance to farmers, providing connections and support to those within the farming community


Industrial hemp program enforcers oversee licensing, track production sites, test THC levels, dispose of non-compliant plants, and ensure federal compliance.

Land Development and Maintenance

Facilitate assistance for land preparation and development as well as maintenance and repair of existing buildings

Marketing Services

Increase access to and awareness of locally grown crops by providing education & technical assistance to enhance market competitiveness.

Veterinary Services

Provide regulatory, assistive, protective, and supportive services to livestock farmers for animal safety across the USVI.




Farmshelf's smart indoor farms enable home, work, and restaurant cultivation, enhancing local produce growth and food security in regions like USVI.

Raising Cane

Raising Cane

Raising Cane pioneers sugar cane production in USVI, yielding 8,000 pounds per acre in St. Croix with advanced technology, aiming to expand and reduce import reliance.


Diageo, the world's top spirits producer, exemplifies a successful public-private partnership in USVI with its Captain Morgan rum distillery at St. Croix Renaissance.

How the Economic Development Authority
Can Help You

Unlock new horizons within the US Virgin Islands with the business potential our territory offers with the help of the USVI Economic Development Authority.
With tailored tax programs, incentives, financing options and more.

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