S.T.A.R.S. Program

The Sustainable Tourism through Arts-based Revenue Stream (S.T.A.R.S.) is designed to advertise and promote the U.S. Virgin Islands as an ideal location for major and minor film productions and music/audio recording projects.  The diverse landscape of the USVI is perfect for the production of motion pictures, documentaries, television programs, commercials, music videos, and magazine advertising.

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S.T.A.R.S. Act Rules and Regulations


Up To 17% Transferable Tax Credit.

 Resident Hires  Transferable Tax Credit
 20-25%  10%
 25.1-30%  15%
 30.1% or Greater  17%

Up To 29% Cash Rebate.

 Amount  Note
 ADDITIONAL 10%  With a USVI  promotion
 ADDITIONAL 10%  If produced in St. Croix


  • Minimum spend of $250,000
  • Minimum of 20% local resident hires (including crew, extras, actors and maximum of three (3) paid interns.
  • Include credits, i.e. “Made in the USVI” or “Portions Made in the USVI” and other acknowledgments
  • Above-the-line-crew member speak at local school or university.

NOTE: Production companies/studios that corporately establish themselves in the USVI for purposes of long-term production, recording, distribution and/or management may be eligible for 90% tax relief through the Economic Development Commission program.

For additional information about filming in the Virgin Islands and a list of recent productions, visit www.filmusvi.com.