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“Vision 2040,” 20-Year Economic Plan for the U.S. Virgin Islands, Progress Updates

Christiansted, USVI, June 2, 2021— The Virgin Islands 20-year economic development plan, officially known as “Vision 2040”, was unveiled to the public on March 30, 2021. Since released, the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority (VIEDA) has been diligently working on Vision 2040 in collaboration with public, private, and non-profit partners. Vision 2040 is the most comprehensive economic development plan ever presented in U.S. Virgin Islands history. The 20-year plan provides recommendations for economic diversification to facilitate wealth generation and job creation in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Behind the scenes, internal meetings and discussions have been ongoing to review next steps for the implementation phase. VIEDA is currently engaging with partners as lead to execute recommendations in Volume 6 of the Vision 2040 report. Additional efforts include releasing RFPs for a Global Marketing Campaign, Energy Sector Analysis, and an Equity Capital Formation plan.

VIEDA’s CEO Wayne Biggs, Jr. is actively promoting Vision 2040 and engaging the community through numerous interactive radio and TV interviews, including an in-depth discussion on 93.1 NPR WTJX “Analyze This” hosted by Neville James. The full radio interview can be heard here:

A printed version of the 20-year economic development plan will be provided to partners in government, nonprofits, and private organizations. The plan is accessible to all Virgin Islanders at the Vision 2040 website and will be available in designated public areas in each district. Promotional cards are being distributed to encourage community members to visit the updated user-friendly website and get involved at

VIEDA continues to welcome the public’s input and participation as we move forward with implementing Vision 2040.

Vision 2040: Our Community. Our Economy. Our Future – A Vision of Prosperity for All. The full USVI 20-year economic development plan can be accessed at


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